Living rooms
Bathroom furniture
Built-in wardrobes
Upholstered furniture
Entrance halls
Wall decoration

Motto of TPR company is to use and manufacture different kinds of materials to implement home interiors. High quality is always kept thanks to the fact we process all of the materials directly in our own facility. We invest considerable ammount of money to new technologies.

Interior doors are produced in a top quality and in wide range of colours and different looks. We use massive wood, veneer, lacquered MDF in different finishing – deep matt, high gloss and oil finishing. We offer either half-groove or non-rebated manufacturing. It means that door knobs and rosetes can be manufactured either as fraught or milled in to the door surface. We offer both classic or safe or magnetic locks. We can produce any doors according to the customer´s wishes in different shapes and door-frame types (casing frame, wall surface leveled, simple frame)

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